"It seems every shop I have been in has a few uncalibrated reel mower setting gauges. Being a golf course mechanic myself I became frustrated by the standard tool of the trade and designed this tool  to eliminate those issues. The Birdie Bar is built to be a rugged dependable tool that lasts as any other high quality tool does".

                                                           Myles Kemp                                                                  

With twenty five years of maintaining professional  golf and turf equipment in southern new England I have maintained units at two ladies US open events, several Senior PGA tour events and a top 100 golf course for many years.


I designed the Birdie Bar height of cut measuring gauge to correct the frustrating issues of other similar tools on the market. Used daily in my professional career as a turf equipment technician these tools are built on years of hands on experience. 


Birdie Bar is available with a analog dial indicator, a 1 inch digital indicator.


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